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Meet Dr. Modesti

April J. Modesti

Dr. April Modesti arrived at her chiropractic career quite by accident. Literally.

After a car accident led to five years of chronic neck pain, a chiropractor was the first person able to relieve her suffering. When her treatment was complete, she had a new lease on life plus the impetus to begin a new career.

From the beginning of her studies, Dr. Modesti knew she was going to be different from chiropractors who used force in doing adjustments. As a highly-sensitive person, she appreciated a softer approach; and thought others might like it, too. She was right. Today, her gentle approach and deep listening to the body are the hallmarks of Dr. Modesti's practice. Her caring manner and deep dedication have earned her the reputation for being someone who may be able to help when no one else can. Dr. Modesti collaborates and cooperates with health professionals across the spectrum: Medical doctors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, Pilates practitioners and massage therapists are just a few of the people to whom she refers.

Her patients range the spectrum, too: All ages, sizes and even species. A lifetime animal lover, she extends her care to the four-footed members of the family. She sees small animal patients a few hours each week in three local veterinary offices.

"Discovering ever more subtle ways to lead the body to health is a joy to me," she says. "I'm absolutely committed to achieving the best possible outcome for everyone I see."

Her 30-year career and hundreds of grateful patients attest to her success in reaching her goal.

Dr. Modesti is an honors graduate of Pennsylvania State University and the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. She is also a certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner.

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