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What We Do

What We Do

Simple changes. Profound results.

At Serenity Chiropractic, we take the time to learn about you. We want to know what's bothering you, of course. And we also want to know about how you spend your day. What stressors you have in your life. What kind of exercise you get. And what you eat.

Our approach is based on three basic principles:

  • Think globally. Each part reflects the whole.
  • Listen carefully. The body knows what it needs.
  • Respond gently. Small shifts can lead to dramatic results.

If you have been to other chiropractors, you will find my approach may be different than what you have experienced before. I use several different techniques, all of which are gentle and effective.

The Six Questions — How are you doing?

Every patient is different; however, there are six principle questions/areas of concern that we consider as the basis for our treatment.

  • Where is the imbalance? Are you "hung up"?

Spinal, cranial and joint misalignment can lead to a variety of symptoms.  Dr. Modesti will track your issues to identify the parts of your body that need help.

  • What do you need to regain balance?

We'll make the adjustments necessary to help you regain freedom of movement, and optimal nerve functioning.

  • What's happening with your hormones?

 The body has over 30 different hormones regulating everything from your temperature to hunger, sleep, weight and how you handle stress. Hormone imbalances can cause a broad variety of symptoms. A simple saliva test will reveal the balance between your stress and sex hormones.

  • What do your test results reveal?

Unlike blood testing, just seeing if your hormones fall within the normal range is not sufficient to determine your results. Hormones function sympathetically, so we look at relationships between your hormones to see that all systems are working as they should.

  • Is your lifestyle supporting your health?

Being healthy doesn't mean being "perfect". Most everyone can identify habits and behaviors they know aren't in their best interest.

Dr. Modesti will identify the specific things you can do to start feeling better right away, along with suggestions to ease to into changes that may be more challenging.