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Who We Help

Who We Help

Someone who listens... Understands...and can help.

Serenity Chiropractic is dedicated to the health and well-being of patients through personal attention, expanded perspective, and practical steps to relieve pain and stress.

After being in practice for close to 30 years, we've found that the majority of our patients start out telling similar stories. If any of the following describe your experience, then there's a good chance we can help you feel much better.

Highly sensitive.

A lot of our patients are highly sensitive. They react strongly to stimuli others may not even notice: Their environment. Common household products. Noises. And, very often, common foods. The highly sensitive person may feel chronically unwell, agitated or uncomfortable, even when there is no identifiable "disease."


We also see many people who are clearly allergic. The allergic person has reactions to what they touch, smell, and eat. They may experience difficulty breathing, have gastric distress, and /or headaches, as well as myriad of other symptoms. However, they may have difficulty identifying what causes them to have those reactions.

Ignoring prolonged pain.

Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, many of our patients are focused, hard-driving and overscheduled, and also suffering from chronic pain.

Deciding that they're too busy to deal with it, they ignore the messages their body is doing its best to convey. This works for a while. We see them when the pain has become impossible to ignore.

Unable to find help.

This describes almost all of our patients. They may have gone to many medical professionals seeking help, or just a few; but they haven't found

the relief they've been looking for.

Interested in well-being.

Our patients know, or quickly come to realize, that well-being is an on-going process. Interventions can help alleviate symptoms, but achieving a state of health takes time and focus. The good news is we are here to help support them, and you, in feeling your very best.